National City Documents

Notice of a Joint Public Hearing on the proposed 2004 Amendment to the Redevelopment Plan for the City of National City Redevelopment Project ("Amendment") which includes a map of the Project Area. Link to Notice

REDEVELOPMENT PLAN FOR THE NATIONAL CITY REDEVELOPMENT PROJECT, Adopted: July 18, 1995; ends November 18, 2009 . Link to 1995 Redevelopment Plan

SECTION XI. (1100) DURATION OF THIS PLAN With respect to the E.J. Christman1 Area, except for the nondiscrimination and nonsegregation provisions which shall run in perpetuity, the provisions of this Plan shall expire on November 18, 2009. After this time limit, the Agency shall have no authority to act pursuant to this Plan except to pay previously incurred indebtedness and to enforce existing covenants, contracts, or other obligations.

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