CYAC & Blight Declaration

On June 19, 2007, the Community Youth Athletic Center (CYAC) and its kids took on their toughest opponent yet: City Hall. They still need you in their corner.

You’ve probably heard of them. They are the boxing club at the corner of National City and Plaza Boulevards. They provide free coaching, tutoring and mentoring to at-risk kids. Their  program is a tremendous success and they are justly proud of their contribution to the community.

On Tuesday, July 17 (Complete Agenda), the City Council voted at a public hearing on steps to declare that most of National City "blighted" (everything west of I-805). This means they think that your homes and businesses are no good. This is an insult to everyone who lives and works here and it’s an insult to the gym, which is working so hard for the kids of National City.

The City declared most of National City "blighted" so it can take away people’s small businesses and give their land to rich private developers, big companies like Home Depot, and companies that are a source of pollution, such as Pacific Steel. They’re not planning on taking any homes, but they’re taking away the American Dream of many entrepreneurs and skilled workers. The declaration of blight by National City is now in litigation.

In the gym’s case, the CDC tried to help a private developer take the gym and replace it with expensive condos. Amusingly, because of the condo glut, the gym probably saved the developer a large amount of money.

In our view, it is wrong to take someone’s property and just give it to someone else for that person’s benefit. All over California cities take property from ordinary people and give it to rich developers. Please step into the ring for the CYAC,  yourself, and everyone who stands to lose a home, business, job, or church.

The CYAC is represented by the Institute for Justice, a non-profit law firm based in Arlington, VA. For more information about the CYAC  please call CYAC at (619) 474-CYAC (open after 5pm) or the Institute for Justice at (703) 682-9320.

Our comments from the previous meeting of July 12, 2007

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